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  • CLEAN UP FOR A FRESH START. Begin solving your intestinal issues by taking a supplement that will support the body’s digestion process. KLEENIQ™ 15-day Colon Cleanse and Detox Formula supports your colon to function properly and helps the body to eliminate food waste and leftovers during the digestion process effectively.
  • COLON HEALTH SUPPORT. All-natural and safe ingredients of our colon cleanser gently increase intestinal activity and bowel movement, so the toxins may flush out from the body and restore a clean, healthy intestinal flora
  • IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL HEALTH. A clean, normal functioning colon helps boost your energy levels and keeps you away from intestinal problems caused by toxins and harmful bacteria. Also, our colon cleanse detox supplement speeds up metabolism and helps to reduce constipation.
  • KICK STARTS YOUR WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. Having a healthy colon can help support weight loss by aiding the body in better digestion and faster nutrient absorption, hence, makes you less hungry and feel lighter. Also, you can enjoy a flatter stomach, decrease of gas and bloating.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Formulated in the USA at an FDA certified lab following strict GMP standards, our products are guaranteed to provide you a safe and risk-free method in colon cleanse and detox. But for any reason if you are not “5 STARS HAPPY”, simply let us know within 30 days of the purchase and we would love to buy it back from you.
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